What Is Warehouse Logistics And Why Do You Need It?

Warehouse logistics is a critical component of any supply chain. When products aren’t moving from a supplier to a company or a company to a consumer, they are stored in warehouses. An optimized warehouse receives and despatches goods faster, reducing costs and boosting revenue. Businesses with optimized warehouse logistics, like Amazon, for example, enjoy a considerable competitive advantage.

In the most general sense, it is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet the requirements of customers or corporations. Warehouse logistics, therefore, has to do with the organized management of products entering and exiting a warehouse.

Jerry-Logistics has set up general and bonded warehouse in most of Chinese airport and ocean port, which much ease logistics procedure as sorting, distribution, transfer, consolidation and etc.

On third-party logistics based on its brand power in local market successfully. The most professional services and best logistics solution is our mission.

General warehouse in Qingdao & Shanghai with space of 3000 spare meters, which can provide Stuffing, Storage, Pick & pack, labeling and distribution service.

Jerry-Logistics Bonded warehouse covering services include airport Qingdao(TAO) ,Shanghai(PVG) ,Beijing(BJS) ,Tianjin(TSN) ,Dalian(DLC) Shenyang(SHE) ,Zhengzhou(CGO) ,Guangzhou(CAN) ,Shenzhen(SZX), Nanjing(NKG) ,Chengdu(CTU) ,Chongqing(CKG) ,Wuhan(WUH) , Xi'an(XIY) ,HongKong(HKG).which could offer very competitive local charge and faster services when Air cargo import to China.

Own 35 trucks for both container & loose cargo covering service among Chinese main airport city include Shanghai ,Beijing ,Qingdao ,Zhengzhou ,Shenzhen , Guangzhou ,Xiamen ,Chengdu ,Chongqing. And create a logistics and transportation network.